Reseller cloud hosting

What is in fact cloud web hosting? There has been a lot of misunderstanding (and what's worse, continues to be) about cloud hosting as an expression. Cloud site hosting is supposed to be a characterization of a specific class of web page hosting services, which requires a set or a cluster of servers devoted to serving just one service (mail, data storage, FTP, databases, stats, site hosting CP, etc.). This service is only one single chunk of the whole site hosting picture, which is composed of plenty of diverse constituents (packs of servers, each serving an individual service). The entire block (including all the hosts of clustered web servers) is making the so-called CLOUD website hosting puzzle.

Cloud hosting reseller types

Regrettably, the current reseller hosting market does not supply numerous cloud hosting reseller alternatives. Many state that they distribute one (a recent marketing method), but not many in fact do. One such hosting reseller merchant compellingly snatched our attention. It is ResellersPanel. We have reviewed ResellersPanel's system and networks. The testimony we have found verifies that there is a real cloud web hosting solution provided to ResellersPanel's end users. So, why is ResellersPanel so significant?

ResellersPanel's cloud webspace hosting reseller accounts

In the first place, with ResellersPanel the resellers have the opportunity to resell totally real cloud hosting plans and services, i.e. each singular service (web site hosting Control Panel, mail, disk storage, File Transfer Protocol, databases, statistics, DNS, and so on) is being served by a cluster (a bunch) of website hosting servers dedicated solely to that specific service.

Secondly, ResellersPanel offers 4 server farm locations, where the cloud website hosting clients can host unmetered domains and sites: in the United States, in the United Kingdom, in Sweden and in Australia.

Third of all, ResellersPanel's marketing model allows the resellers to offer not only genuine cloud hosting packages, but also VPS, semi-dedicated and dedicated server, domain names (over 50 top-level domain names) and digital certificates. At wholesale rates. The Hepsia web space hosting Control Panel is integrated everywhere at no additional charge.

Fourthly, ResellersPanel does not ask for any monthly or annual prepayments (subscription fees). All other reseller webspace hosting marketing entities out there will require the reseller to first purchase the package and to pay monthly or annual subscription charges regardless of whether the reseller has generated any bargains or not. If a bargain has been generated, the reseller shares the revenue with ResellersPanel. As far as the reseller is concerned, no down payments are required, i.e. there are no commercial risks to be assumed.

Fifthly, ResellersPanel is an ICANN recognized top-level domain name registrar. That's an indeed uncommon occurrence on the reseller web space hosting market. Perhaps owing to the fact that ResellersPanel is a domain name registrar, the Domain Manager, part of the custom fabricated end-client Control Panel, is so avant-garde and powerful. This Domain Manager is the greatest domain name management GUI we have observed so far on the whole cloud, shared and domain site hosting market.

Last, but not least, ResellersPanel offers integrated administration. The reseller has one place to log in to, where the whole web hosting business can be managed from. So do the customers. In contrast to the cPanel website hosting and cPanel reseller hosting services, with ResellersPanel the website hosting customers can manipulate their hosted domains, sites, website files, databases, emails, statistics, billing transactions, invoicing transactions and technical support tickets from inside 1 single centralized place - the Hepsia CP, which is probably the greatest website hosting CP on the current domain name and website hosting marketplace. Why do we say 'as opposed to cPanel'? Typically the cPanel-based web hosting companies will provide their customers with at least 2, at times even 3 login places (the cPanel Control Panel itself, the invoicing transaction and domain name management section and ultimately the support ticket user interface). You should take this one into consideration.

The cPanel-driven "cloud web hosting" platform

It's always good to recollect that cPanel was originally conceived on a one-single-server-does-it-all sort of environment. cPanel's essential purpose is to run on 1 single web site hosting server where all web hosting services proceed at one and the same time: mail, FTP, databases, files, statistics, web app installers, site hosting CP, DNS, etc.. Realizing that, it's difficult to imagine a cPanel-based web hosting firm delivering genuine cloud hosting services. And above 95% of today's web hosting wholesalers are... cPanel-based. That's all there is to cloud web page hosting out there. You should count that one too.

Putting all the chunks together

Lots of years will possibly go by till most of the domains and web sites will be served by real cloud website hosting platforms. The explanation for that is the thoroughly hoaxing and bogus marketing approach contemporarily utilized by most of the webspace hosting providers. Simply owing to the fact that the expression "cloud web page hosting" is quite contemporary... and stylish. Most of the webspace hosting merchandisers would like to be voguish too. Notably the cPanel-based ones.